5 Lessons from Beyonce’ on Product Launching We Can All Learn From.

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You guys know that I am serious about product development and SUCCESSFUL product launching. Here is what I think we can all learn from the Ivy Park fashion launch.

1. Work in Silence: It’s so critical that you work behind the scenes and strategically plan for your product/program launches before you release to your community. This ensures that things are well thought out, kinks removed and you hit your goal projections. You see that Beyonce’ already had chain stores (affiliates) squared away and ready to move “in formation” before the big day. This will heighten her sales over a long period of time.

2. Always do a “pre-launch”: This builds anticipation before the big day and increases your sales conversions. Her official launch is April 14 but she is building anticipation before it hits stores. How excited is your community about your next launch? Have you built up any anticipation?

3. Stay in your lane: When developing new products, stay within your brand. What do people know you for? How does this connect to your main mission and vision? Don’t step outside your brand too far and launch products/programs/services that have absolutely nothing to do with your brand. You just confuse folks and won’t sell a thing.

4. Try again even if you failed hard: We all know that the House of Dereon line was some trash and even Beyonce’ and her team caught on and quickly took the urban clothing line out the stores due to low sales and damage control. BUT, she didn’t give up. She learned from this, restructured and re-released during a pivotal time in her career. Timing is everything and not giving up is the key.

5. Have the Right Team: You can’t have a successful launch without the right team. Build your team wisely for long-term success. Your team can make or break you. Look at your team then you will have an idea about what you are looking like for future financial success.

Source: Forbes March 31, 2016

Ari Squires

Product Development Specialist

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