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THE Business Development and Marketing Program to Elevate Your Success

Perfect for Coaches, Trainers, Authors, Consultants and Speakers

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Discover how easy it is to gain brand clarity, feel authentic in your brand and create powerful and purposeful PROFITABLE products, services and programs while impacting lives, acquiring new personal freedom and peace of mind.
  • Does the idea of telling someone what you do excite you?

  • Is your phone ringing off the hook with amazing people who want to work with you?

  • Are you earning the income you know you deserve that gives you the freedom to enjoy abundance and the business of your dreams?

If you aren’t answering “yes” to every one of these questions…

Then there is a major breakdown in your sales, marketing and positioning process, and it is costing you your freedom, time and money.

With my 4-part home study course I walk you through the creation of a KILLER signature coaching or consulting business, including the creation of your unique products and services. This program comes complete with an Irresistible Offer checklist, Entity Set up, Finance, Multiple Stream Revenue Planning Wheel, Repurposing your products, a Complete Marketing Systems Plan, A Simple Business Plan Guideline, Niche’ Positioning and Selling From the Stage techniques that’ll have your Ideal Clients signing up for your products and services in droves.

I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned in 12 years of business into a home study program. This is your go-to guide for boosting sales revenue and building generational wealth while you sleep.

From this point forward, each and every Speaking Engagement and Live Event you do will be a Lucrative one!! … and the course even has a PROFITABLE Webinar and Teleclass lesson, and Consultations that Convert lesson,  that you can use right away and jumpstart your business or maximize your success by doing things the CORRECT way.

If you’re seeking a business coach to help you CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS — eliminate bad habits, get unstuck from ruts, achieve your dreams, get to the next level of success and be who you’re destined to be — while living a fulfilling life… then I highly urge you to read every word.

I’ve designed a do at your own pace home study program that empowers you to RELEASE THE CHAINS from everything that’s blocking you from having the business you so deserve and achieving your personal and professional goals — regardless of whether you’re a new entrepreneur or just thinking of starting a business.

In my book Release The Chains, I share my story of how I went into business without a business plan, model or systems in place. And how this wasted literally ALL of my time, energy and money.

During this time, about three years into running my business into the ground, someone wanted to invest in my business and asked me for my business plan. They loved what I was doing, saw my passion for my work and wanted to come in as a partner to help me take things to the NEXT LEVEL.

I dreamed of this!

But guess what?  I wasn’t ready!



If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.

I didn’t have any kind of plan, let alone a business plan to show and missed out on a big business opportunity. I was devastated. He saw me as a “business woman” who didn’t take her business serious because I had not taken the time to plan for my success.

Although everything looked good on the outside, things were a mess behind the scenes. I looked like I had my ish together.  A website, customers, social media posts, events going on with people attending, but I wasn’t making any money and I was losing customers left and right because I didn’t have any systems in place. NONE!

My business was just like a feather in the wind, going with the flow, letting dilemma after dilemma take it wherever it wished to go.

I promised that would never happen again. There’s always a lesson in everything.

I immediately started working with a finance coach and business coach and I got my things together and put some systems in place and got my business running like a corporation to where I was able to produce a six-figure net income business.

This process eased a lot pain. It’s a magical feeling operating in a business on automated systems, understanding how to serve my customers professionally and efficiently with a powerful brand and strong foundational operations so my business runs smoothly. It’s also a great feeling reviewing how my income streams are doing so I can gauge what to focus on that is bringing in the most income. I learned and honed into the 80/20 rule in business!


In the 6-Figure SheEO Course, I will show you and PROVE to you that you can avoid being stuck in your business. Don’t you want and change your life using a powerful, innovative approach you’ve never seen before.

Regardless of where you are in your business; the idea phase, new business or a seasoned entrepreneur, this could be the day you finally break the chains that are holding you back from happiness and financial freedom.

You need some new routines and new approaches. If what you’re doing right now isn’t working, it’s time to try something new and release yourself into something better, stronger and different for a brand new life that’s better than you’ve ever imagined.

And you can do it in 10-15 weeks, using a step-by-step process that I’ve perfected over 3 years of coaching a multitude of clients in various genres. Many of whom were previously stuck, unsuccessful, organized, making good money but WANTED a DIFFERENT set of results.

I study all types of religion. I have found that people believe that if they prayed more, believed more, went to church, and thought more happy thoughts everything would be okay. Nothing could be further from the truth. We all know the popular scripture from most of our favorite book right, “faith without works is dead.” Faith is an ACTION word. We also have to believe in ourselves and get the proper education, guidance and mentoring to take us to our next.

I truly believe that nothing works unless you do. Carl Jung says, “You are what you do, no what you say you’ll do.”Not only do you have to be motivated enough to make a change in your life or business, but you have to have the right strategies and tools that have proven results because this will help you overcome your fears and self-doubt that anything is possible.

You’re probably thinking, who is this woman telling me she can help me improve my business.

My name is Ari Squires and I have been helping women who are coaches, therapists, police officers, human resource professionals, life insurance consultants, fitness trainers and pastors create businesses that they LOVE, and create products and services that attract clients to them.

Using my unique coaching methods, I’ve been helping people improve their lives and business and gain confidence in their brand by using my formulas for focus, clarity and positioning. I’ve invested thousands of dollars on training, books, coaching and education and have turned this into investing into my clients all over the country.

The reason my clients get results is because, I do not play. My coaching program is called The PUSH Group because I PUSH you and hold you accountable for whatever you want to achieve in life. Your dreams become mine once they are passionately shared with me. We become like a married couple. I am your partner for change, growth and business success. So I am SERIOUS about seeing you move from stuck to unstuck. From possibly to reality. Transforming your business from blah to Bodacious!

That is why my clients get results. I will not let you fail IF you don’t want to.

My steps will take you through a process of unlearning some things so that you can remove the old and bring in the new.

So if you are ready to dig deeper and play bigger in your business, my home study course is just right for you.

This is an intense, power-packed virtual program that will accelerate your success so that you can create the business that you love and a business that makes money. You will have a clear view of your mission, brand and position in your marketplace as well as an increased stream of multiple income using my unique marketing and sales principles.

You will receive:

  • Virtual Coaching Program

  • 90 days of accountability and support

  • Push Your Tush Action Guides

  • Private Coaching with Ari Squires

  • Forums – gain access to the client only area of 6-Figure SheEO. Here you can ask difficult questions, share your wins and successes.

  • Audio courses on sales and Marketing: Consultations that Convert. Lead Generation, Branding and Positioning, Teleclass conversions, Marketing Strategies, Social Media do’s and don’ts, Event Sales and Strategy and more…

  • Free PUSH Day Planner designed to help you plan for your business success.

  • Free ‘The Mindset of a SheEO’ Online Workshop

  • Free Event Blueprint Masterclass (Audio-4 hrs of coaching)

Finance Module #1: Budgeting and a Day-by-Day Savings Plan to save for your dream business (start up or expansion)

Branding Module #2: Branding & Positioning on how to stand out amongst all the noise so that your clients gravitate towards you.

Product Development Module #3: The creation and domination of lucrative online information courses that sell

Marketing Module #4: Ari’s Signature Marketing Foundational Plan that every entrepreneur needs

As a dance studio owner-turned-coach, I struggled for a long time to really get my business off the ground…

Charging sliding scale rates and passing out my business cards at networking events was the ONLY way I could see at the time to attract clients and transform lives.

Instead, I ended up broke, burned out, and hardly helping anyone.

It wasn’t until I learned how to:

  • charge my worth

  • position myself as a premium coach

  • design & fill high-end packages and programs

Then, I was finally able to create the kind of business, influence, income and impact I truly desired.

In this business acceleration course you will learn how to create and fill high-end programs, 1-day intensives and retreats that your dream clients will love (and happily invest in)!

The step-by-step exact systems I’ve used to successfully design and sell out countless individual & group programs and live events.

I’m not asking anyone to step out on faith and walk on water, my solutions only work for a specific type of person. The person who takes business and personal achievement serious and would trade the WORLD just for a chance to get real help to change their life. So if you’re still here…

Enroll in this program which will help you eliminate pitfalls that many new entrepreneurs make and set you up for accelerated success.

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There are three convenient payment options available.

Save $500 when you pay in full = $997

4 Automatic Monthly Flex-pay – $375 month

8 Automatic Bi-Weekly Flex-pay – $187.50

  • Bi-Weekly Flex Pay
    $187.50Bi-Weekly Flex Pay
    • Instant Access
    • 1 Hour Coaching with Ari
    • Private Forum
    • Event Blueprint Masterclass
    • Mindset of a SheEO Workshop
    • Accountability and Support
    • Website Building Checklist
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  • Flex Pay
    • Instant Access
    • 1 Hour Coaching with Ari
    • Private Forum
    • Event Blueprint Masterclass
    • Mindset of a SheEO Workshop
    • Accountability and Support
    • Website Building Checklist
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