7 Steps to Opening Up The Lines of Communication with Your Daughter

7 Steps You Can Take to Open Up

The Lines of Communication with Your Daughter


1. LISTEN. Give her your undivided attention and just listen. Most of the time just listening and answering questions is the best thing you can do.  It may seem like a little thing but it’s HUGE.

2. Be authentic and TRANSPARENT. Don’t paint a perfect picture of your childhood. This will make it easier for her to connect with you because she will learn that you too have been through what she is going through.  Tell her your mistakes, your faults, your lessons and how it made you FEEL. No more perfect Mommy.

3. Don’t JUDGE her or get angry when she does come to you with something.  Listen, be supportive and keep an open mind to how she is feeling at the moment and don’t tell her she is “wrong” or “bad”.  This will lessen her resistance with coming to you in the future if she knows she will not be judged. This also builds TRUST.

4. Always be available for her and give her loving attention.  Make her understand that she comes first in your life.  Never make her feel like someone or something else comes before her, ie. work, business, house duties, a mate or other children.

5. Have her friends over and hang out at your place or be the taxi Mom and you will find out a lot about what is going on. Talk to her and her friends and use your own experiences as examples. Ask questions and know who her friends are.  This will be easier for her to talk to you about what’s going on in her circle because you have built a relationship or know a little bit about her friends and their lives.  It’s an easy transition and seriously opens up lines of communication.

6. Keep mother-daughter, father-daughter conversation between the two of you ONLY.  Don’t share with anyone.  I mean anyone.  She has to know that she can TRUST “YOU”.  It breaks a child’s heart when someone else comes to her judging her or speaking to her about what she came to you to in confidentiality.  Keep QUIET!

7. RESPECT her as a young lady. She is just not a child who has to “Do as I say,” but she is also a human energy filled being who has her own unique thoughts and feelings. Give her space out of respect yet let it be clear that she can come to you at anytime.

If you are feeling the pull to take your daughter to the next level, hit REPLY and share with me ONE THING you are feeling called to do to make some changes in your daughter’s life.

Our children are our future so we owe it to them to support them and invest in them.

With Love,


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