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Brand Positioning Tips to Attract Investors
“Growth is never by mere chance; it’s the result of forces working together.”
One of the hardest things for startup and even seasoned entrepreneurs is to attain and maintain cash flow. Cash flow is what makes your business grow. Without it you potentially struggle every single day and the business dissolves.
Raising capital for your business is one of the hardest things to do. Only about 5% of businesses have investors. Most entrepreneurs bootstrap and fund their own success.
Throughout my career, I have been able to do both; bootstrap and attract investors. My agency has also helped position our million dollar client for growth by helping them get all their ducks in a row to secure investors so that they could stop spending their own money.
Below are a few things I noticed were missing in their marketing that I then strategically created for them to help position their tech company to attract $850K in capital (so far). These will be great tips for your business too.
  • Position Your Company’s Passion and Values
    • One thing in business we tend to forget is that people buy from people. The “know, like and trust” factor will always be prevalent in business. Even though investor’s main concern is their Return On Investment (ROI), they still support businesses that have missions that meet theirs. (Feeding Hungry Children, Domestic Violence, Women’s Empowerment, Religion, etc.) Create a list of companies you feel would be a good partnership or investor to yours and investigate their mission statements and world service. If you see that they support certain causes that match your company values, put them on your “pitch list.”
    • Make sure your brand speaks consistently on what it values and cares about. This small, yet very important “commonality” can get you your seat at the table where 100K+ checks are being written with your name on it.
    • What’s your Brand Story? It has to resonate with investors and be clear and concise. (more on this topic at a later time)
  • Build a Strong Reputation
    • Your integrity in your business equates to your bottom line. No investor will want to invest in a business who does not follow through, lacks integrity, or has a bad reputation. Focus daily on what your business looks like to the public. If your investor went to your website, social media, blogs or event…would they invest in you? Go through and delete anything that doesn’t fit. Add content that does…right now!
    • Is your brand reputable?
      • Do you have photos with you and other strong brands; Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Oprah Winfrey, Foundations, Causes, Charity? Big Brands like to attach themselves to other big brands, plus it shows you as someone who values your own personal brand by investing in yourself.
    • What are people saying about you? Go ahead and share it! Let the world know. Don’t be shy! You have to attract people to you.
  • Results Matter
    • At the end of the day, investors and future partners want to see results. They matter! One thing I do is make my annual report available to partners and investors. I show them the MONEY! But for my client, we tracked his company sales over a six month period before we “pitched” so investors could see how fast the revenue was coming in. My graphics team made charts for easy viewing to show potential investors a clearly defined ROI. Without proven success, your offer will get tossed in the trash.
Always remember that everything you do, post, or share has an effect on your future growth. If you really want to reach new income levels, you have to start preparing now.
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“If you don’t build your dream someone else will hire you to help build theirs.”
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