10 Tips in 10-minutes to Know if You're Ready to Host a Live Event, Seminar or Retreat.




VIRTUAL & LIVE (20 Spots Open for Virtual and Live – LIMITED SEATING)

Hey! I’m glad you stopped by to learn more about hosting your very own live events with polish, impact and excellence! I get asked ALL the time how I am able to successfully fill seats and make 5 and 6 figures at my conferences, seminars and retreats.

I will be sharing some extremely important information with you over the next 5 minutes that will very likely be the most important time you spend on your business all year!

I’m sure you’re here because you have a strong desire to make an impact on the world and make a lucrative income doing what you love, like most speakers, consultants and coaches.

If you are a person who deeply cares about making a positive difference in the world and is working hard to make a good living transforming the lives of others…you must keep listening!

My name is Ari Squires, and I’ve spent 13 years hosting live events, seminars and conferences. Everything from non-profit youth conferences, women’s empowerment events, educational training, business strategy seminars and masterminds. Now as a profit attraction coach, I teach people how to make a lot of money doing the very same thing while making a positive difference in the lives of others through live events.

Let’s face the facts, live events are getting harder and harder to fill. People are busy and don’t want to come out any longer due to the rise of virtual training on the web (teleclasses, webinars). Right! How many virtual classes have you attended yourself in the last 12 months. I love them too.

But, I believe, there’s no greater feeling than being up close and personal with your ideal clients. This is when you make REAL connections!

The problem is, people feel “set up” when they attend some live events.

People are tired of being promised something and it is not being delivered…they try to sell you something else instead every hour. This is the old school way to live events.

People also tend to not be too quick to attend live events because they leave with nothing. It’s a big waste of time, energy and money. No transformation what so ever and the messages are so watered down with no real content. You feel all INSPIRED…but that’s it. You know I’m right. Now, you might meet some amazing like-minded people in the end, but there is more hype than substance.

So yes, those type of events are hard to fill…the ones that are ineffective…the events that have people feeling jaded, skeptical, and hesitant to register in the future.

Unfortunately, these events are giving the type of event you want to host a hard time getting the RIGHT people to come connect with you.

Let me help you shut all that Down Right NOW!!

If you have been thinking about hosting live events… maybe you’re a speaker, a coach, an author, or just an amazing person with a big, life-changing message, I’m about to share the potential of the path you are considering! And I’ll show you how to make it happen quickly and easily.

I speak from my personal success and experience, but I’ll also show you the research that backs up the fact that, right now, Live events are the single best way to positively affect a lot of people at a deep level, while earning a very lucrative income!

They are easy to fill, and I am going to show you how.

They’re fun to lead, even if you’re not a natural public speaker.

They are incredibly lucrative!

Who Can Benefit From Leading Live Events?

✓ Nutrition

✓ Money

✓ Relationships

✓ Business building

✓ Personal power

 ✓ Massage

✓ Health and wellness

✓ Dance

✓ Martial arts

✓ Yoga

✓ Environmentalism

✓ Financial planning

✓ Travel

✓ Retirement

And that is just to name a few.


Module 1: My exact steps on positioning and marketing your event so your ideal clients are packing those seats

Module 2: The secrets to creating an amazing experience for your ideal clients so they not only rave about it but want to continue with you even after the event is over

Module 3: How to leverage your time effectively so you stay focused on your area of genius no matter what else is going on.

Module 4: Filling the room – All of my obvious and not-so-obvious strategies for putting “butts in seats!” This is how I sell out my events over and over again!

Module 5: How to develop your “juice” so you know EXACTLY what your audience is looking for. You’ll be able to customize your event content and offer to be irresistible and have folks ready to work with you before the event is even ova…yes OVA! “Over-deliverance of Value for your Audience

Module 6: Make sure they actually show up. It’s hard to believe, but just because they registered for your event, doesn’t mean they’ll actually be in that seat. You’ve made the sale, now get them there with our top 3 stick strategies that fill our rooms every time!

Why Should You Listen to Me?

How did I get here? It’s interesting. I have degrees in both Psychology and Communication and started my career out as a media sales representative selling television advertising space to large corporations. From there, I founded a dance and performing arts school teaching kids the fundamental of dance, leadership, etiquette and confidence. But as I saw my class sizes get larger, my access to resources go down, and my passion for the business weaken, I decided I wanted to step outside of the brick and mortar and positively impact lives in another realm. I wanted to keep teaching just not in the traditional way. So I transitioned from managing 10 employees and over 150 customers to reinventing myself through live events erecting Profit Attraction Academy assisting hungry entrepreneurs plan for profit

In the mist of operating a large dance school and the President of a non-profit organization, I hosted several seminars, conferences and entertainment events bringing in massive crowds over and over again stimulating transformative experiences. However, I was losing money or not making any money at all at most of these events.

My first women’s empowerment conference was packed, but most came for free and I lost a huge amount of money.

After another similar failure where I tried to promote this event I was hosting and ended up getting only a few women to show up… I had a realization.

I could be the best teacher on the planet with degrees and mentorship coming out my ears, I could have the most important message, I could even have the cure to cancer and none of it mattered unless I started to learn how to magnetize the people who really needed my message to my business.

I learned quite a bit just from doing most of the groundwork myself and the transformation were amazing. I did everything from putting out chairs, to passing out handouts, to taking out the trash!

I was used to working in the front…hosting, promoting, marketing, budgeting, producing, directing, creating scripts and content. I mean you name it, I did it!

What really hit the mark for me was when I had the life-changing opportunity to work on the volunteer team of TV Personality/Comedian/Talk Show Host Mr. Steve Harvey’s “Act Like A Success” Tour he partnered with Lisa Nichols to host. Check out that story here I recorded on Periscope one evening.

Working behind the scenes and at the back of the room, I had the great fortune to witness literally thousands of people from all across the country get deeply transformed by his event. Just watching these people walk into the room with excitement in their eyes and leaving with tears was enough for me to decide this too was my purpose-to transform lives through live events.

That’s when I started to study. I attended every seminar, workshop, webinar and teleclass I could find on how to fill, design, deliver and sell life changing, lucrative events.

Things started making sense to me.

I then started mentoring with a woman who had consulted with some of the biggest seminar leaders in the industry on how to fill their events. She taught me everything she knew about magnetizing an audience.

Six months after starting my learning journey I offered another event. And… not only did I sell it out, but I made $28,000 in just 2 days!

That launched my business – and since then – I haven’t looked back.

My company, Profit Attraction Academy has grown by 50% every year since I opened my doors.

I have the incredibly good fortune of showing other trainers, holistic practitioners, authors, coaches and other workshop leaders how to not only choose the content for their workshops, conferences and seminars… but how to pack them with the PERFECT people. And how to design and deliver them in a mesmerizing and monetizing fashion.

Because of that, we continue to grow and reach more people. It’s awesome!

Live Events are the single best way to reach a lot of people, and make a lot of money and the time has NEVER been better to get in.

VIRTUAL & LIVE (20 Spots Open for Virtual and Live – LIMITED SEATING)




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