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In 2005, after having just lost my mother to cancer, I was an ambitious young woman fresh out of college with a mission to continue my mother’s legacy to showcase diversity in my community and provide an outlet for young minority children. I wanted them to have a safe place where they felt welcomed and celebrated.  I had no idea this journey would lead me to partnerships to develop Lend-a-Hand, Uplift-a-Child Foundation and now Fredericksburg Regional Black Business & Social Exchange – BBSE Network, and the expansion of my sister company Model Citizen, Inc,  where I could empower the lives and futures of many.
Since the inception of Ari’s House of Dance & Performing Arts Studio seven years ago, I have met many great people, mentored young beautiful girls and built long lasting personal and business relationships.  I get emotional just thinking about how far we’ve come and how many lives have been touched through performing arts and leadership programs for the youth.  As I branch out with my new partnerships and expanded business ventures, I had to take the time to thank those of you who have supported my efforts and acknowledge those whom work by my side.  I have the best team and the best staff and I commend them for standing strong for what they believe in.
My mission is nowhere near completion, but I could not have made it this far and touched so many people, young and old, without the support of people like you and my faith in God!


I had to take the time to thank you for your prayers, support, constructive criticism, guidance and encouragement over the years.  They say you never know what God’s plans are for you, but what I do know for sure is that I have found my calling.  I wake up everyday and get excited about my day, my tasks and the many projects I am working on to continue to make positive changes in our community and beyond.  Many nights I can’t even go to sleep because I am thinking about new and improved ways to touch lives.  Again, I could not do it without support, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Since I have so many things that I am involved in, I hope that you will accept, open, read and forward my monthly Newsletter, where I will share community events, a little inspiration based on my personal journey, and provide an open line of communication with my peers.


I hope you enjoy my first newsletter where I invite you to get involved and join me on a mission on nurturing our future leaders as well as assisting in building stronger communities.   Many blessings to you and yours.




Ari Squires
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