PRODUCTS: Connecting you {Your Products} to “consumers” in an effort to solve a problem or need.



I have been told that I can turn any idea into BIG income! I’ve always had a way of creating cash flow in my businesses though the use of various products and services by any means necessary. When my bills were so high at over $8000 a month to maintain my business, I had no choice but to get CREATIVE. I would come up with all kinds of products to sell to my existing customers and new customers to sustain my business and lifestyle.

Product Creation is my Expertise

I now use this gift to EMPOWER and TEACH creative, multi-passionate entrepreneurs how to create profitable PRODUCTS that make sense then teach them how to MARKET and SELL them to where it makes sen$e for their unique business. I don’t want to see you looking like everyone else.  I partner with you to CREATE and AUTOMATE Products that SELL!

Questions I get asked:

How do I create and package a product that attracts my target audience?
How do I develop content that serves my clients effectively?
How do I set up systems to make money while I sleep?
How do I orchestrate automation for higher sales conversions?
How do I master marketing solutions that won’t break the bank?

Not only will I be answering these questions during our Retreat; we will be IMPLEMENTING them DURING the retreat

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I am only interested in securing a seat for 7 SERIOUS CEO’s who are ready to Kick-Start their Business or move it into second gear with a uniquely packaged product, program or service and who:

  • Values self-investment (which should be everyone, right)

  • Is Self-made

  • Is a go-getter, driven and is fueled by their passion

  • Is not afraid to work and take inspired action

These are the seven passionate purpose-driven CEO’s who will be at the table with me. IF that’s YOU, fill out the form below and let’s CREATE and move you to your NEXT!

You WILL leave this Retreat with a New Product and Proven Marketing Strategies to put it to work!


If you cannot make the LIVE Retreat, ask me about the online course starting November 9, 2015

Fill out the form below for an application. Be sure to leave your telephone number for a quick consultation.

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