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(Partners Unified for Success through Harmony)

Tired of Going it Alone?

As a passionate lover of “learning”, I place great value on investing in myself in numerous ways, for a life-long adventure of growth and development (business/personal), knowledge-seeking, and mind-opening explorations. I’ve developed a new private, P.U.S.H. (Partners Unified for Success through Harmony)  Group of success-oriented women where we meet monthly via live meetings, teleconferencing, google+ and skype.

You must be willing to make a twelve-month commitment to working with me, and each other. 

My PUSH Group specializes in connecting women with the focus on achieving personal and business success, and positive results through supporting, celebrating, educating and implementing strategies that work.

You truly are your greatest investment!  I’m looking for women who want to take themselves and their businesses to the next success level…

My Coaching Program Is For You If;

+ You are ready to break down old ways of being that are no longer serving your business, transcend your fear, transform your business and let go of all your limitations so that you can gain absolute CLARITY.

+ You feel that where you are in your business right now is not deeply aligned with who you truly are and where you want to be.

+ You are serious about learning Ari’s step-by-step Business Development, Marketing and Action Plans to implement in your business.

+ You have a big, bold dream and want step by step guidance on how to turn it in to a reality.

+ You’ve been spinning your wheels and you are  ready to learn business advertising and marketing tools that work

+ You are having a hard time focusing and want someone to walk you hand in hand in partnership to improve your sales, marketing and products and services that authentically align with your purpose.

Benefits you will receive:

  • Move beyond the fears, limiting beliefs and stories that keep you stuck

You will totally transform the way you think about yourself and/or your business, what you believe is true, and what you think is possible. These old thought patterns are creating your world, and when you shift them, everything changes.

  • Clear action plans to build the business of your dreams, to include positioning, branding and increased multiple streams of income.
  • Take bigger, more powerful action so you can experience radical shifts faster than ever before in your business.
  • Step into a space of receiving so you can claim and manifest what you truly desire



PUSH Women’s Mastermind Group  is dedicated to empowering women business owners and professional women by providing them with a professional forum to share knowledge, support, resources and ideas, and other opportunities for growth and prosperity. I am passionately devoted to educating and inspiring each member to achieve optimal success in both your personal and professional lives, and dedicated to working together toward your individual visions and goals and financial success.

What is a Mastermind?

Masterminding is two or more people working together toward a goal or vision. When you mastermind, you hold a vision for someone else and they do the same for you; you use your combined energy to attract and create your dreams. This doesn’t mean that you are working on the same projects together, although you can. It only means that you are supporting each other in your visions, you are ‘holding’ a vision for someone, visualizing their dreams as if they are already a reality.

There is a special third energy that is created when two or more people come together. Your energies combine and generate an even more powerful conductor or channel to give rise to amazing (and sometimes magical) occurrences. If you are experiencing this increased energy to attract and accomplish your dreams for the first time, you may be surprised at how quickly and how powerfully your visions manifest.

Ari’s personal mission statement is that in order to make “withdrawals” you better be sure that you are making “deposits”.

For more info on joining PUSH email: info@arisquires.com


Professional Pic 1I have had the pleasure of participating in the P.U.S.H. Mastermind Group powered by Ari Squires. This was my first professional dealings with Mrs. Squires, and to my surprise, she over-delivered on the expectations she set for the group. WOW!!! Ari has done an outstanding job of creating such an unmatched synergy amongst the group, which consisted of ladies from many different backgrounds, and professional experiences. I am beyond pleased with her knowledge and professionalism, and am further along in my coaching practice than what I was when I began this mastermind journey; this speaks volumes toward Ari’s credibility because we are only four sessions in to this experience. At this rate, I can only imagine where I’ll be once we’re done. Ari’s knowledge, paired with her dedication and willingness to serve others makes her the ideal choice for anyone       seeking a reputable, results-producing business coach.

Keisha M. Green, CEO, MBA, CPC

Certified Personal Development Coach


SimeakaI must say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the overall experience. Ari Squires isn’t an ordinary leader which is perfect for a group of women with several different personalities, goals, backgrounds and needs. In such a short time I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of practical and useful information that have produced continuous results not only for myself but also for others in our group. The members are constantly reporting testimonies after testimonies, pushing one another and sharing resources which have led to exciting leaps of faith.


Simeaka Melton, Founder

Rising Above Expectations Youth Services (RAE)
patricia clementLike many, I thought about coaching but I didn’t want another monthly bill. I met Ari at a small women’s conference in Dinwiddie, VA one summer. Once Ari shared her story I and realized we had similar backgrounds, I knew I wanted her to coach me. Before coaching with Ari, I used to tell people I had a Jump Rope Business, now when asked, “What do you do?” I’m able to confidently  say “I use the exciting sport of double-dutch to build confidence, improve cardiovascular health and nutrition, while empowering youth to set and reach goals.” I began coaching in September 2015 and at that time I was doing short 4 week sessions with small organizations. As of today, May 15, 2016, I can proudly say that JumpStarz has current contracts and/or has provided services for the  County of Henrico Recreation , County of Prince George,  City of Richmond Parks & Recreation and the County of Chesterfield. I start  American Family Fitness this summer and I’m in negotiations with Fort Lee Military base.

I am happy I decided to invest in me! I actually calculated my March invoices and noticed it was greater than my total coaching fee.

Patricia Clement, Founder

JumpStarz www.thejumpstarz.com
shavon dotsonWorking with Ari Squires over the last year has completely changed both my personal and my professional life. When I first started working with Ari, I had no clue about how to run a business or how to be a successful entrepreneur so I knew that this journey would be a rough one for me but I was willing to learn. I sat down with Ari just wanting to be a good makeup artist but after working with her for almost a year, I now have more clarity on the endless possibilities that exist in my business of being not only an amazing makeup artist but a beauty educator and a coach. I went from having zero customers at first to being completely booked up through the spring and summer. With the help of her amazing coaching services and Mastermind group I am now able to have multiple revenue sources through my business, increased clientele, an endless network of business professionals, and the confidence and know how to make my business a six figure business. This experience has been life-changing to say the least and I’m beyond grateful for this journey.


Shavon Dotson, Owner & Founder

Flawless Faces www.flawlessfacesmua.com


JOYThrough Ari’s P.U.S.H. Mastermind Group, I have noticed a phenomenal transition not only in my business but in my thought process as well.  Her detailed and extensive training coupled with the comradery of our fellow P.U.S.H. Partners, has led us all in experiencing massive success.  I highly encourage anyone interested in taking their business to the next level to join this awesome group!

Joy Pearson, Manager, Independent Associate



photoPlaceholderMy days are EXCEPTIONALLY packed.  So, it is not often that I have the opportunity to bounce ideas for projects or initiatives off of my “peers” in a relaxed, non-judgmental environment.  Being a part of Ari’s P.U.S.H. Mastermind Group has provided an opportunity to share and hear thoughts, ideas, dreams and experiences within a group of like-minded women.  Ari’s vision to create a space where we can come together from different backgrounds and professional experiences to explore readings for enrichment and activities to build our professional presence and success is much needed and even more appreciated.

Rosella Sprow, Owner & Founder – The Daydream Factory



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