Redefining Your Success

As I coach women entrepreneurs on how to create a life beyond their wildest dreams – from the inside out, the word “success” always come into our sessions, and this recently caused me to think about the various women I admire who I feel define the meaning of true success.  I found myself researching those people to learn more about them, only to find out that their “stories” to high achievement were much more appealing to me than their actual success. I became more in awe of their journey’s, versus wanting to live up to their level of success.

Everyone looks at success differently and we have to be very conscious in comparing our success to someone else’s.  Someone else’s success should only inspire you, not be something to compare or equate to.  After all, one’s true success lies within the journey, not the destination.  God has a unique purpose for each of us.  We should enjoy the process, be still and stay present, fully taking in each moment by moment and be sure to make a difference in the lives of others along the way.  The journey itself is what defines you, not where you wish to go.

As I thought about their journeys, I could not help but reflect on mine.  I asked myself the following questions to form a process of redefining success to make success real to ME:

  1. Are you making a difference? What is your impact on others? We were created and put on this earth to serve others, and everybody can do it.  If you are making a positive influence, you are successful.  Dwell in it!
  2. Are you happy?  Are you fulfilled?  Success, doesn’t necessarily mean anything on the outside, i.e. cars, houses, money, titles, etc. Fulfillment means you are living in your purpose. When you wake up every morning, are you excited about your tasks for the day, and are you up late with a million thoughts and ideas in your head regarding your purpose.  That is success! Live in it!
  3. Are you doing your absolute best? Are you striving for excellence?  If you are enjoying your journey and doing your absolute best, success is guaranteed to follow.  Focusing on doing your best each moment and every single step of the way will bring a sense of fulfillment and gratitude.  Working, cherishing and living in your greatness is success! Bask in it!

I also think it’s so important to remember that YOU have the power to create your success, whatever that may be for you. It is “you” who has to be relentless in the pursuit of the life that you desire. No one is going to drop the blessings into your lap. You are the seeker, the captain of this ship; you, and you alone cultivate the kingdom of contentment.

There is a tremendous difference between living life and letting life live you. If you want success YOU have to go create it.

Be reminded of these profound lessons: Do not let society’s comparisons of success define yours!

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