10384228_10204522165468516_2011973257704959937_nSelf-Publishing a book opens the door to hundreds of business opportunities.

Let’s not just write your book, but let’s build a highly profitable business BEHIND it. Strategy and proper planning is key before you Release That Book! Registration is open now for my One Day Private Live Action Packed Bootcamp.

I am¬†cutting through the BS to REALLY teach you how to publish your book….quickly, professionally and excellently to create six figure success and plan, create or take your business to the next level so that you catapult your career.

This intense workshop is only for 15 people who are serious about self-publishing and want to walk away with a step-by-step action plan for:

  • Self-Publishing Success – How, What, When, Where Why
  • Book Business Blueprint – What Happens BEFORE & AFTER the Release
  • Marketing Plan to Elevate Your Business or Start A New One
  • How to Become an Amazon Best-Seller List Author
  • Using Your Book the Right Way to Attract the Right Clients and Gain Media Attention
  • Building a Brand Beyond The Book

Once you decide to become an Author it’s more than just saying, “I’m an Author.” Being an Author is a Business. Running a successful business requires investing in educating yourself, laser focused planning and IMPLEMENTATION.

  • What is your book saying about your business?
  • Did you even mention it?
  • Did you mention it correctly to establish yourself as an expert?
  • Is your phone ringing off the hook because of your book?
  • Are you converting readers to clients?

I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do all these things and why…PLUS we will start writing your book at the Bootcamp if applicable.

This is not a Conference.

This is a chance for you to come in with an idea and walk out with at least 20% of your book done as well as a personalized strategic business marketing plan in place.

If you are seriously interested in becoming an author, or you wrote a book and now it’s just sitting on your shelf not bringing in any more money since after the first few months of its release, YOU NEED THIS BOOTCAMP.

I’m only taking 15 students for this jammed-packed action filled bootcamp.

You will walk away with a solid game plan! Guaranteed!

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Don’t make the mistake so many new and upcoming authors make of searching YouTube and the Internet wasting hours and hours trying to save money by not investing in a coach and trying to figure out all this stuff on their own. That’s a waste of time when you can learn from someone who has already done it, launched a brand new career based off her book, made six figures since the release of her first book just one after it’s release, is a best selling author, currently too booked to take on any new one-on-one coaching clients and is willing to share the information with you for a fraction of the time and money. I’m not holding anything back!

This LIVE Private Event is open to anyone: men, women, teens and college students who want to do things right the FIRST time. ¬†Learn from my mistakes so you don’t waste time and money, not to mention time away from family.

The investment is $997

Once registered the location will be sent to you.

Let’s plan out your Book Success Today! So many doors of opportunity await you!


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