Join Ari Squires, Image Consultant, Personal Branding & Etiquette Expert for a “Teen Image Workshop”  Website Coming Soon!

Young ladies need positive affirmation, knowledge and the tools to succeed. Information is a start. Too many young ladies look to inappropriate role models to guide them. Many suffer from low self-esteem, lack confidence and look to their peers or the TV for guidance on how to act and dress. Unfortunately too often, this just worsens the problem. The more positive input that is fed to them, the more they become empowered and emboldened. A teen image workshop is a wonderful way to treat your girl(s) to an experience that can change their lives.



Workshop topics will include any of the following:

  • Importance of first impressions
  • The impact of image and why an effective and pulled together image = power and confidence
  • The consequences of a negative image
  • Image and self-esteem
  • The fundamentals of a young woman’s wardrobe
  • Understanding and embracing different body types
  • Wardrobe Don’ts for young women
  • Establishing poise, presence and confidence
  • Fashion Influencers: The Impact of them, Who they are, and whether they are appropriate role models
  • Understanding how to wow with color
  • Finishing touches: Accessories and a Smile
  • Dressing for Different Occasions: School/Social/ Casual/ Church/ Prom
  • Million Dollar Manners

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