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A Phenomenal Business Strategist and Motivator

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Ari’s simple and practical tips will help you build your business, increase your revenues, gain more free time, develop new or better products and services and create the extraordinary life you always wanted. Ari believes that “Nothing Works…Unless You Do.” Ari’s dynamic products and programs help you personally, professionally and financially. Her training sessions range from products and services development strategies to fundamental business building strategies to take you and your business to the next level.

Become A Successful Savvy SheEO

Ari’s mentoring programs are unrivaled. It’s your chance to personally work with Miss SheEO, herself. Her hands-on approach allows individuals to not just learn from a “business development expert,” but a true business mentor — one who has been honored by a number of business media outlets and magazines. The SheEO Strategies Success Network™ coaching programs are designed to help people at all levels. Emphasis is placed on helping entrepreneurs grow personally, professionally and financially. Ari’s powerful, goal and action-oriented programs assist established & aspiring business owners in building strategies for success. Her coaching mantra is “All I See Is Possibility!” Over the last few years, Ari has conducted numerous action-packed business training and marketing seminars throughout the US. She has been recognized by industry peers as a phenomenal business coach and master motivator having trained entrepreneurs in the areas of personal branding, product development and positioning, personal development and professional business etiquette.

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-PUSH Partners-

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Successful entrepreneurs, executives, and athletes know great coaches are essential to accelerate personal and professional success.

Oprah Winfrey has coaches.

Bill Gates has coaches.

Donald Trump has coaches.

While we all know that coaching puts you on the fast track to exponential, sustainable success; a proven coaching program that is lead by industry leaders and certified coaches is often expensive and out of reach for many new business owners and emerging leaders. If you are a self-motivated, business leader who is ready to make the big shifts in your life, YOUR TIME IS NOW.

Join Ari’s  Profit Attraction Academy™ – PUSH Partners Circle

Ari developed the PUSH Partners Circle to help entrepreneurs just like you develop a strong personal foundation, increase your confidence, and build a sustainable business with integrity, passion, and unwavering faith.

What They Are Saying About Ari

  • TJOYhrough Ari’s P.U.S.H. Mastermind Group, I have noticed a phenomenal transition not only in my business but in my thought process as well. Her detailed and extensive training coupled with the comradery of our fellow P.U.S.H. Partners, has led us all in experiencing massive success. I highly encourage anyone interested in taking their business to the next level to join this awesome group!

    Joy PearsonJourney with Joy
  • 318609_145009138924699_1777881890_nI must say we have been blessed with a wonderful business coach!! I am so VERY happy with the decision I made to hire R Ari Squires as my coach and mentor! In just ONE meeting, not TWO, but ONE my business has taken on a life of its own!! The knowledge, the ideas, the wisdom, the encouragement, the motivation, etc. she shared, I immediately started implementing and it WORKS!!! What I loved the most, she desires to see me successful! She had no problem teaching me what she learned to help me to grow!! You can't put a price on the knowledge she is willing to share with us!! 3 months is not long enough for me!! With Ari coaching us, we have no choice but to be successful!!

    Shantell GutrickGorgeous Getaways 4 Less
  • normal_0faf6daf19f195b8f9a7e3931fdd1ca0 Words cannot express my gratitude to you. You have PUSHED me to get this done. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on cleaning up & fixing my book cover. Priceless. I remember our first couple of sessions and I was giving you more excuses and you listened without judgment but so gently in so many words said. "You Don't Want to Look Up at the End of 2015 and have not produced ANYTHING AGAIN." You have a Gift of saying and moving your clients into ACTION MODE. I will forever be grateful for our connection, Thank you so much Beautiful Lady.

    Lisa TablerGet Excited with Lisa Tabler
  • SimeakaI must say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the overall experience. Ari Squires isn’t an ordinary leader which is perfect for a group of women with several different personalities, goals, backgrounds and needs. In such a short time I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of practical and useful information that have produced continuous results not only for myself but also for others in our group. The members are constantly reporting testimonies after testimonies, pushing one another and sharing resources which have led to exciting leaps of faith.

    Simeaka MeltonRising Above Expectations
  • FinalBeing a part of the PUSH group with Coach Ari has helped me increase my businesses visibility and clientele just by applying key recommendations taught by her over the past three months! The coming together and consistent support has encouraged me to take personal risks, step out of my comfort zone and call when I need help. Having a core group of sisters that inspire, share and provide guidance is a lifesaver to say the least; and I am thankful for Ari because she cares enough to give it to me straight, holds me accountable and supports my success as I concur each milestone.

    GiGi McMillanKamisol Consultancy
  • Professional Pic 1I have had the pleasure of participating in the P.U.S.H. Mastermind Group powered by Ari Squires. This was my first professional dealings with Mrs. Squires, and to my surprise, she over-delivered on the expectations she set for the group. WOW!!! Ari has done an outstanding job of creating such an unmatched synergy amongst the group, which consisted of ladies from many different backgrounds, and professional experiences. I am beyond pleased with her knowledge and professionalism, and am further along in my coaching practice than what I was when I began this mastermind journey; this speaks volumes toward Ari’s credibility because we are only four sessions in to this experience. At this rate, I can only imagine where I’ll be once we’re done. Ari’s knowledge, paired with her dedication and willingness to serve others makes her the ideal choice for anyone seeking a reputable, results-producing business coach.

    Keisha M. GreenKeisha M. Green International
  • vicki-do1-300x195I’ve worked with many professionals and learned from some of the best experts in the world: R & B Singer Chante Moore (pictured), ABC’s Secret Millionaire James Malinchak, Jack Kennedy and Oprah’s boyfriend Stedman Graham and Ari just blew me away. She knows her stuff! I recommend her to many of my celebrity friends and colleagues when they are looking for someone professional, knowledgeable in their field and keeps it classy. They say nothing but great things about her and call me to thank me. I tell people all the time that they better look out for Ari. She’s driven, her clients absolutely love her because she is creatively helping them surpass their limits in so many ways and she is not afraid to push you to your next level. Ari is IT! I’m glad to call her my friend and professional colleague!

    Vicki IrvinSuperWoman LIfestyle
  • Darrin-2It’s always an honor to work with Ari. She is a World Class business-woman filled with knowledge and expertise and she’s extremely passionate about helping women and girls walk in their destiny. It is evident she is empowering minds and changing lives through the dedicated work she does.

    Darrin Dewitt HensonActor/Choreographer

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