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Team building is a critical step in the advancement of your business. It can literally make you or break you. Since so many gifted individuals are venturing into entrepreneurship I think one of the key elements missing is being willing to look yourself in the mirror and examine your strong abilities and those skills that could use some strengthening. We have to do constant “check ins” with ourselves and our businesses.

We talked very heavily about team building on our webinar-that hopefully you’ve taken time to watch (watch here), and I thought it was necessary for me to dig just a little deeper into the topic.

So, if I may share 3 more tips on team building:

  1. Lay out the foundation first: Every building is first built by laying down a strong foundation. It won’t be able to stand up or undergo various weather conditions without it. We think the roof is the strongest but it’s actually the foundation in which everything is built from. In my experience, the most successful teams laid out the foundation before the framework was implemented. This means that you invest the time in clearly defining the purpose of the team, the vision, mission, objectives and goals. This brings the unit together and everyone will be on the same page and clear on the matters at hand. You cannot assume everyone will be on the same page.
  2. Lay out the expectations: Are the expectations of team members and the leader clearly communicated? This goes beyond job descriptions. For example, what do people expect to get out of working together as a team, i.e, expression, creativity; what can be expected of their contributions? I cannot stress how important it is to have these expectations clearly drawn out and examined. This keeps harmony high within the team and mistakes low.
  3. Create harmony and balance: Aim toward two-way interaction, exchange of ideas, and developing new insights in regular communication. Invite team members to ask about others reasoning or thinking and explain how they think of or see a situation. Open dialogue is crucial as it keeps the members of your team open to communicate and feel like they are a part of something. It’s easier to come to others and the leader with a challenge if the lines of communication are open and welcomed amongst all parties. This harmony and balance also makes it more difficult to face challenges and harder for someone to leave when they feel part of something.

I hope this helps. I’ll share some more team building strategies at Release The Chains Life Class Experience on August 5-7, 2016, where we will be implementing a lot of exercises on this topic to strengthen our leadership skills so that our business grows into all we’ve ever imagined it be.

We still have one more VIP ticket available and the block of early, early (I meant to say that twice) general tickets available for only $87 at www.ReleaseTheChains.com.


To your success,


P.S. I’m looking for some Ambassadors to help me with RTC. Email info@arisquires.com if you are interested and I will give you the phone conference details to see if you are a good fit.

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