Why no one is interested in you

How many adjustments have you made to your products, programs or services to get them selling and bringing in new clients, but it’s still not working?
How many times have you started a new course, program or launched a new product and didn’t follow through because nobody bought from you?
What about lowering your prices so that you make it easier for people to buy from you? Did you do that too?
Don’t sweat it. You aren’t the only person who is doing this. Many entrepreneurs struggle with product sales and development, but it doesn’t have to be this way if you change your focus.
Let me tell you a quick story to make my point. I teach my clients how to develop products that sell. As a matter of fact I have a FREE 7 day video course that teaches you how to develop, create, and automate products that sell. Check it out if you want to learn how to flip one product idea 7 different ways–>HERE. It’s totally free!
Back to my story. When I first started in business I used to focus on the product only. How much should I charge? Does it look all shiny? Is it positioned well on my marketing materials and website? Does it have a cute name that people will like? Or, is it unique?
Yup, these are surely important, but when you focus too much on those things ONLY, you miss the opportunity to serve your customer.
See, your customer’s aren’t interested in those things. Your customer is only interested in how your course, product or program is going to change their life or make their life better. That’s it! They don’t care about the name as much as you do. Will it impact their life {!firstname_fix}?
You have to dig deeper into the core problems your ideal client is facing every single day.
Once I made this mindset and strategy shift I was able to lock down my first $25,000 deal for my PUSH Planner. I developed the PUSH Planner because I know that it will help entrepreneurs, no matter where they are in their business, be more strategic so that they reach their goals and make more money in their business. I sell that! Not how nice the cover looks. (which it is the bomb). Not how impressive the graphic work is and how easy it is to use. (which it is, but who cares?). Not that it has over 300 color pages (which it does). I focus on how my products will impact the lives of my ideal clients. BOOM!
That’s why we develop our products and courses in the first place right? To help our clients.
Well if you don’t properly identify the life changing value your programs and services bring to someone’s life, you simply struggle and don’t get new clients.
Here’s what you do TODAY:
Reevaluate your marketing campaigns, copy and strategy and fill in the missing gaps with my suggestions. I bet if you do it right, you will have an instant increase in revenue. If you need some assistance in wording, let me know.
Tickets are selling fast for Release The Chains Life Class Experience because passionate-driven entrepreneurs who want to see their clients and customers succeed in life and business are eager to get this juicy information. They are eager to learn STRATEGY and develop their sales and marketing plans from their products right from the event.
If you’re still on the fence about attending I want you to make a commitment to yourself. Say YES!
This year’s event will not be anything like my other conferences. I’m always looking for new ways to elevate and bring new experiences to attendees. And I don’t bore you with 8,000 motivational speakers just to inspire you. You will leave with chains released and tools to sell your amazing products, programs, and services and attract abundance into your life.
I can’t wait to see you there. Get your tickets today before we sell out. We always do!

Your tickets are available at www.RTCMainEvent.com/register




I hope you will listen to your heart of possibility and join us! I promise if you do not leave fulfilled, I will give you your money back! That’s my guarantee!




See you there!




Your girl, your sister, your cheerleader,

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