I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard me share my story about my childhood either in a live stream, live event or in my No More Chains Film. Well, as a reminder, I grew up in a “dream-killer” home to a mother who grew up “ol school” with the best intentions on raising her daughter into a working class citizen. A young woman who would graduate from college, get a job, retire on a 401K, and live happily ever after.

Ummmm, clearly that was not the idea I had for my life. Over the last 13 years, I’ve ran and operated businesses with 7 full and part-time employees, garnered multiple six-figure income in each business I have developed, inspired thousands of men and women to launch businesses, created products that made people’s lives better, assisted seasoned entrepreneurs on creating and elevating their revenue streams, impacted lives of children through my non-profit organization and dance and performing arts school, been featured in magazines and television, and produced a feature length film.

Not your typical “America Dream” right?

I had other plans for my life. I wanted to do what I loved, when I wanted to and impact people’s lives. Not having the support at home was very hard for me. I had to keep everything inside. I couldn’t share my joys. But finally when my mom came to visit me from California and saw how happy I was, she supported my efforts and gave me her blessings. The best part was she invested her money in me. She helped me build a business. She told me before she died that the money she left me was to live my dreams.

Oh and I had many DREAMS! Dreams of traveling the world with my family, luxury cars, multiple businesses and abundance flowing all around me. A 9-5 where I have to ask for permission to take a day off, go to the doctors or join my elementary son on a school field trip would not allow that. That wasn’t for ME.

I’m not mad at my mom one bit. She taught what she knew at first. But my tenacity and determination to overcome the odds, gained her support. She only knew what she was raised at that time and wanted the best for me.

You are here because you don’t want to be that dream-killer for YOUR child. You want them to learn how to create a life for themselves through a crazy idea they have to change the world!

Congratulations! I sincerely commend you for supporting your child(ren) on what they wish to do. You are AWESOME for providing early business education for them so that they learn how to not work hard, but work RIGHT!

During my 2-week Summer Bootcamp I will teach your young dreamer how to do things right. I will help them avoid mistakes like:

  • Wasting money on the wrong things.
  • Not planning properly.
  • Partnering with the wrong people.
  • …and not believing in themselves.

My ultimate goal is to inspire them to dream big…but with A PLAN!

My strategies have worked for many entrepreneurs who thank me each week for helping them realize their dreams.

Now, will your son or daughter become a millionaire, or even six-figure business owner overnight? NOPE! But, I will teach them how they can start right now with baby-steps to turn their idea into a reality. Hey, even make their own money so they can buy their own clothes, food and shoes…lol!

I only have TEN in-classroom spots available for my Fredericksburg, VA location. I am also opening this up to students all over the US via a virtual classroom where they will be able to participate live, engage in the conversation and get their burning questions answered.

I suggest you act fast because seats will go fast!

Once you register…I will send you a welcome letter with details on how to make this summer camp a great one! Location, at-home (for virtual students worldwide), and a pre-assignnment will be enclosed.

I thank you in advance for trusting me, once a young dreamer to help you educate your son or daughter in entrepreneurship.

I promise you, they will not leave the same way they came in. :)


Ari Squires

SheEO Publishing

Aspire with Ari Professional Coaching & Seminars


Ari Squires is one of the most sought-after business coaches of our time. As Founder and CEO of Aspire with Ari Professional Coaching & Seminars, she has helped clients reach and surpass their high-profit goals. Her agency has worked with some of the greatest entrepreneurs in personal development (including people like Paul C. Brunson and Tony A. Gaskins) and attract tens of thousands of fans and six-figure success for her clients using problem solving product creation and online and offline marketing strategies. 

Her training programs, PUSH Partners and Profit Attraction Academy has helped students attract thousands of fans, leads, and sales (increasing their ROI) through live events, online trainings, speaking and coaching.

But it wasn’t always this way for Ari. She was chasing her dream of financial freedom in the mean-cold, gang infested streets in California… and hustling to be successful in the wrong field of “entrepreneurship”. Her bad decisions led to incarceration then homelessness. This tragedy left Ari with no money and no life. So, she was forced to go to college and find employment leaving her unfulfilled.  

This is where she started her business, and changed her life forever. Today, Ari is debt-free with thriving businesses, amazing clients, sold-out training seminars and a dedicated team… and she’s committed to helping entrepreneurs build their businesses using her Profit Attraction Methods.

Her vision is for women of color to be free from mental, emotional and generational chains so that they can live lives they absolutely love. Any way she is able to help you free yourself and make your dreams a reality using her gifts… is her service to the world.

  • Virtual
      • Young Dreamers Business Plan Workbook
      • How to Create a PUSH Marketing Plan
      • Tools on Identifying Ideal Clients
      • Business Dream Board
      • ABC's of Business Cash Flow
      • Steps to Product Creation
      • Live Stream Tu-Th 11:00am-2:00pm EST
      • No Refunds
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  • General Enrollment
      • Young Dreamers Business Plan Workbook
      • How to Create a PUSH Marketing Plan
      • Tools on Identifying Ideal Clients
      • Business Dream Board
      • ABC's of Business Cash Flow
      • Steps to Product Creation
      • In-Person Tu-Th 11:00am-2:00pm
      • No Refunds
      • Enrollment begins 6/11
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  • Early Bird
    • Young Dreamers Business Plan Workbook
    • How to Create a PUSH Marketing Plan
    • Tools on Identifying Ideal Clients
    • Business Dream Board
    • ABC's of Business Cash Flow
    • Steps to Product Creation
    • In-Person Tu-Th 11:00am-2:00pm EST
    • No Refunds
    • Early Bird Ends June 10
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Questions: Give me a call directly at 540-812-2770

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